Edta Tetrasodium Salt

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EDTA Tetrasodium Salt is a chelating agent that improves stability and efficacy of skincare products by forming stable complexes with metal ions.

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EDTA Tetrasodium Salt, also known as Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Tetrasodium Salt, is a chelating agent commonly used in skincare products for its ability to enhance stability and improve the efficacy of formulations. It is a synthetic compound that forms stable complexes with metal ions, helping to prevent oxidation and degradation of cosmetic products. EDTA Tetrasodium Salt is widely recognized for its role in preserving the integrity of skincare formulations, prolonging their shelf life, and enhancing the performance of active ingredients.


  • Enhances stability by preventing oxidation and degradation of formulations.
  • Improves the efficacy of active ingredients by protecting them from metal ion interference.
  • Extends the shelf life of skincare products by reducing the growth of microorganisms.
  • Helps to maintain product quality and consistency over time.

Usage: EDTA Tetrasodium Salt is typically added to skincare formulations during the manufacturing process. It is used in small amounts to enhance stability and preserve the integrity of the product. The specific usage concentration may vary depending on the formulation and desired effects.

Solubility: EDTA Tetrasodium Salt is highly soluble in water and readily dissolves in aqueous solutions. It forms clear solutions, allowing for easy incorporation into various skincare formulations.


  • Creams and lotions: EDTA Tetrasodium Salt can be added to creams and lotions to enhance stability, prevent oxidation, and maintain product efficacy.
  • Serums: It helps to preserve the quality and performance of active ingredients in serums, ensuring their efficacy over time.
  • Cleansers: EDTA Tetrasodium Salt can be used in cleansers to improve the stability of the formulation and maintain the integrity of the active ingredients.
  • Toners: It helps to prevent metal ion interference in toners, preserving their effectiveness and ensuring consistent results.
  • Masks: EDTA Tetrasodium Salt can be incorporated into masks to enhance their stability and shelf life, ensuring that the product retains its efficacy.

Storage: EDTA Tetrasodium Salt should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. It is recommended to keep it in a tightly sealed container to prevent moisture absorption and maintain its quality. Proper storage helps preserve the effectiveness and stability of the compound.

Country of Origin: China

Country of Packing: Saudi Arabia 

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