pH Strips Indicator

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pH Strips Indicators are used in the preparation of skincare products to measure and adjust the acidity level in these products. The correct acidity level for skin care products is crucial for maintaining the health and beauty of the skin.

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    Internal Reference: PH_3933
    GTIN: 6285817019191


    pH Strips Indicator paper is used in the preparation of skincare products for measuring and determining the acidity level. These products can include cleansers, toners, facial and body care products, anti-aging products, shaving and bathing products, creams, ointments, gels, and more.


    • Determining acidity level: pH Strips help in determining the acidity level in skincare products. The appropriate acidity level is important for the balance of the skin, as an inclination towards acidity or alkalinity can affect the skin barrier and overall skin health.
    • Regulating sebum production: pH Strips can be used to measure the acidity level in anti-aging or skincare products for oily skin. The appropriate pH value can help regulate sebum production and reduce skin problems associated with excess oil.


    Please note that the use of pH Strips in the preparation of skincare products is approximate, and it may require laboratory analysis or the use of more accurate measuring devices to achieve more precise results. It is also important for companies and manufacturers to follow appropriate standards and guidelines to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products.

    Contains: 80 strip with full range 1 - 14

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